The plan is progressing, now more quickly

My plan to move into a tent and eventually fish and hunt for food is progressing well. I found sunscreen for a reasonable price: US$4.17.

I looked at sewing kits and they were all lame and overpriced, so I went to fabric store and bought materials for my own kit. For each item, I bought the least amount they would sell as a unit. I bought:

  1. 300 yards thick nylon thread
  2. 100 meters thin nylon thread
  3. A needle assortment with about 20 needles in it of different sizes including a curved needle
  4. Eight tiny safety pins
  5. 10 medium safety pins
  6. 10 large safety pins
  7. 30 sewing pins
  8. Plastic case for sorting
  9. Iron-on patches because the bottom of my backpack is starting to wear out (now I need to borrow an iron)

I bought enough items to make about five travel sewing kits that normally cost US$15 each, but I only spent US$4.23. I also made my own first aid kit, so I have excess band aids and such. If I am lucky, I will find some other traveler who wants to trade for some of my excess materials.

Visa is almost expired

I double-checked my visa today. I believed I had two months left on my visa, but I only have a month left. Therefore, I will need figure out a way to deal with that. So, I thought I had two months to figure out that issue but I have much less time. I also had a plan for dealing with the stuff that will not fit in my backpack like my extra computer and many of my clothes, but a few hours ago, I discovered that the plan will no longer work. One the one hand, I need to move more quickly than I thought, but on the other hand, an obstacle I thought I had cleared is slowing me down again.

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