My father, Dan Hogan, probably has a cognitive defect

My father, Dan Hogan, has repeatedly promised to help me fully recover, and he has always broken his promises. Despite the fact that I am sick, poor, weak, and powerless, but he is very wealthy and has power, he says he will only help me if I obey all of his arbitrary conditions. In the past, I have met his arbitrary conditions, but he changed the conditions after I met them. In recent months, he has stopped telling me what his arbitrary conditions are. He says he will help me if I allow him to help me, which is ridiculous because I do not prevent him from helping me.

A few moments ago, he once again sent a delusional message to me. He sent help to me by sending US$50. He knows that I do not have food, medicine, shelter, or money, and he sent the money after I publicly asked for help. He knows that sending money helps me. With the money, however, he wrote, “Our offer of shelter, clothing, food, [and] (sic) medicine is still yours to accept. Let us help you.” (He remarried, hence “our” and “us.”)

I have already “accepted” multiple offers from him and met his arbitrary conditions. He has not defined any new conditions I must meet before he will decide that I no longer need to suffer from a curable illness and to be at constant risk of sexual assault, battery, theft, and death. His condition for helping me is that I allow him to help me. Today, he reminded me—by helping me—that his condition for helping me is that I allow him to help me—which I allowed. Yes, it is a illogical statement.

For a long time, I believed my father, Dan Hogan, was merely being cruel to me. Now, I think the problem is likely a cognitive defect related to his age. His actions are exactly the same as screaming, “I am not screaming!” He sent a message to me—with money to help me—telling me that I will not allow him to help me. He has done this precise action many times for a few years. I have pointed out the absurdity many times, but he has not acknowledged his irrational behavior or changed his nonsensical statements. Therefore, the best explanation is a cognitive defect. (For a comparison, see this video about Donald Trump’s cognitive impairment.)

Here is a partial list of messages he has sent me using his illogical language:

  1. Today 14 April 2019, “Let us help you.”
  2. 2 April 2019, “Let me help you.”
  3. 27 March 2019, “let me help you”
  4. 29 June 2018, ” I have sent you a proton email with more offers of support.”
  5. 22 November 2017, “Let me help you”

My father, Dan Hogan, is wealthy enough to send me thousands of dollars today, which would be enough for me to heal and be self-sufficient. Whether he has a cognitive defect or he is simply a horrible person, it is unrealistic for us to believe he will support my recovery. I need your support.

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