Making videos for preppers and survivalists based on my homeless experiences

Sharing what I’ve learned while disabled and homeless with preppers and survivalists

Requested topics

  1. Psychological tips
  2. Security
    1. “How did you respond to other homeless who appeared unstable? Ever avoid sleeping somewhere to avoid other homeless people?”
    2. “What advice do you have about getting a safe place to sleep? What signs of danger do you normally look for? Do you have a self-defense strategy or are you more into hiding and camouflage?”
    3. “Can you talk about security? Did you make any adjustments while living in a tent that made you feel safer?”
    4. How you protect yourself
  3. Food
    1. Beverage-can stoves
    2. Eating, especially without modern conveniences
    3. “What experience do you have with foraging? This is one of the prep skills I have been trying to learn. I’m very concerned with humanity losing its ability to live off the land.”
  4. “Living without modern conveniences”
  5. “Being a good prepper is a state of mind; someone in your position demonstrates problem-solving [skills] and resilience, which are key to getting thru emergencies and unexpected problems.

Requested topics, not related to survivalism

  1. Reasons for self-surgery
  2. About being homeless
    1. “Also, there have been many times people have come to this sub because they were about to become homeless and they needed advice, so the actual details are helpful as well.”
    2. “What was the general opinion of ‘the government’ amongst the homeless class?”
    3. “Why don’t people stay in shelters permanently?”
    4. You should write a book

A long list of potential topics

In a different post, I listed many video topics I was considering. I have not and will not update the list, so it already a little stale.

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