Buy food or medicine? Or ration my medicine?

I must buy two medications today because I am out of them and they are important. I must buy two other medications in the next week. My teeth hurt enough that it is limiting what I can eat, so I would like to buy some topical medicine for the pain.

(“Yada, yada, yada. Just give me the link.“)

  1. Modafinil, zero days remaining
  2. Vitamin B, zero days remaining
  3. Bupropion, four days remaining (25% discount on Mondays)
  4. Venlafaxine, five days remaining (25% discount on Mondays)
  5. Pain medication for my teeth, I’ve never owned any

The medicine packages are different sizes, but the following table shows the range of days for each of the first four medicines listed above, and it estimates how much money I would need for only those four medicines for that time period.

7 to 10 daysUS$46.32
14 to 15 daysUS$79.68
28 to 30 daysUS$159.83

Every Saturday, I inventory my medicines. Last Saturday, I calculated the costs above, and frankly, I felt despair. Because one chain of pharmacies gives 25% off everything on Mondays, I put a task on my to-do list for Monday, “Buy medicine.”

Last Monday, I compared the costs above to the money I had. I felt stronger despair, and I couldn’t make myself buy any of the medicines.

Today, Friday, I took my last modafinil and vitamin B. Without both of those, I have a hard time accomplishing anything. All day, I have felt despair and dread. If I don’t buy modafinil and vitamin B before I go to sleep tonight, tomorrow, I will be less likely to eat, wash, or do anything. I know I must buy some, but it’s a horrible feeling to know that I will likely need to choose between food and medicine or ration my medicines in the very near future.

An hour ago, I first thought of creating a money pool for the above medicines. I hope you don’t mind me being frank, but I have low expectations. Monday 27 August 2018 is a decision point, so the pool will automatically close then.

On the money pool page, you can see if anyone else has sent me money for this goal. Of course, you can support my goal, too.

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