A treatment

I want to do a treatment that has two phases. If it is successful, the possible outcomes range from my symptoms are permanently reduced to I am cured of everything, including my gastrointestinal problems. The first phase takes 9 to 11 days. It is the most difficult, and if I don’t have an improvement, the second phase is unnecessary.

I have already collected the most difficult items and finished the most difficult tasks. I must accomplish one more task that would be easy if I were not homeless, but will be challenging and/or unnecessarily costly because I am homeless.

The medicine will certainly cause me to feel something similar to being drunk, non stop, for 8 to 10 days. I don’t want that, but I will deal with it. Another side effect that will probably happen is an extremely painful headache, also non stop, for 8 to 10 days. I’m scared of that happening. I don’t have the courage to overcome that fear and start the treatment. Instead, I am desperate and I have been unable to find any other treatment that might work.

Today, I started calculating the remaining costs to start the treatment. I didn’t reach a grand total because I stopped adding things to the list when the cost reached MXN$7400 (US$400). I tried to find ways to cut corners, but I gave up at MXN$4600 (US$250) because cutting that many corners would be unsafe. I’m not sure what the total is.

Further increasing the costs is that I would still need to buy my coping medicines during the treatment: MXN$3180 (US$172). If the treatment works, the costs of the expensive medicines will be reduced or eliminated. If I don’t do the treatment, I will still need to buy these same medicines, and there is no possibility of the cost being reduced. So, the longer I wait, the more it costs.

While I am doing the treatment, I won’t be able to ask for money on the street, so I must have enough money at the start of the treatment. I have MXN$2200 and US$9.78.

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Other stuff

  1. I finally have the B vitamins I need.
    1. The cost is MXN$4.20 (US$0.23) per day. I was able to stop taking the inferior B vitamin and drinking the energy drink, which cost MXN$32 (US$1.73) per day: a substantial savings for my budget.
    2. Without the energy drinks, I have eliminated all sugary drinks and sugary foods from my diet. That will help to slow the decay of my teeth, but it might be too late.
    3. I have also eliminated caffeine and carbonated beverages from my diet, which helps reduce my gastrointestinal problems.
  2. In the last four weeks, four more of my teeth have broken off. I have a large gap in the top row in the front of my mouth. The stains and the decay on the remaining parts of my teeth in my gums is disgusting and impossible to hide. It is embarrassing and it reinforces what people already think about me: I am stupid, uneducated, and low class.
  3. I finally have a new phone.
    1. By the second day, the app that helps me schedule and remember to take my medicines had helped me to sleep four hours less per day. It’s amazing: I am taking the same amount of medicine, but I get dramatically more benefit from it.
    2. The battery is dramatically longer, so I accomplish more.
    3. The battery charges four times faster, so I don’t waste as much time sitting under a pay phone charging stuff.
    4. When noise is horrible, I can play music and avoid the increased stress of the noise.
    5. I can contact people again.
  4. I sold my tent.
  5. I have dramatically reduced the weight of my pack. This makes it easier for me to go to the store, the bathroom, the place to charge my phone, or any other place.

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