A few numbers about my life

  1. Number of people who understand that I now have excellent diagnoses: 1–2 people.
  2. Number of people who understand we can treat and probably cure me: 0–1 people. (I don’t know who that 1 person might be, however.)
  3. Number of people who understand that the total cost of healing medicines and therapies is much less money than the total cost of coping medicines and staying sick: 0 people.
  4. US$6.22 in PayPal.
  5. The equivalent of US$32.66 in Mexican pesos.
  6. 100% chance it will rain here on any given day.
  7. “Safe” streets and dry places I know about for sleeping: 0
  8. I have 5 coping meds for symptoms.
  9. I need 4 other coping meds so I don’t involuntarily sleep my life away.
  10. Pain relief for my 19 (of 28) remaining teeth: 0 tablets.
  11. Ibuprofen: 0 tablets.
  12. Topical pain relief for my back, neck, and 1 injured shoulder: 2–3 applications.
  13. Benzydamine antiseptic to control 2 gum infections: 5–6 applications.
  14. 1 baby crying, which hurts my head; she’s crying because she needs socks on her cold feet, she wants to be held and rocked to sleep, and everyone is ignoring her, which hurts my heart.
  15. Approximately US$7.91 for 28 days of cell phone service including virtually unlimited internet.
  16. Times I needed internet on my phone in the last month to avoid many problems: 12–14 times.
  17. Friends I have now and I’ve seen them within the last six years: 0 people. But, if we define “friend” as broadly as possible: 0 people.
  18. The number of methods you can use to help me pay for the cure instead of staying sick and poor: at least four ways.
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