A concise list of my illnesses

  1. Downregulated 5HT2A. Low energy, excessive sleeping, cannot eat, poor digestion. Dangerous if untreated. Cure: upregulate 5HT2A.
  2. Hyperconnected DMN. Painful hypersensitivity to sound and light. First, upregulate 5HT2A.
  3. Amygdala Dysfunction releases excessive Stress Biochemicals. Dangerously high heart rate, reduced appetite, interrupts digestion, poor sleep, nightmares, weakened immune system. Cure: Oxytocin is a partial cure; for a total cure, first upregulate 5HT2A.
  4. Hyperconnected DMN increases Amygdala Dysfunction.
  5. Excessive Stress Biochemicals from Amygdala Dysfunction increases symptoms of Downregulated 5HT2A and causes catatonia.
  6. GERD. Incapacitating pain in my stomach and esophogus. Cure: unknown.
  7. Excessive Stress Biochemicals increases GERD.

Earning money without security

Everyone in Mexico uses WhatsApp, which is a horrible messaging program that is tied to your phone number and your phone. I was earning a little money teaching English and editing documents. Hundreds of people put my WhatsApp contact information in their phone. Since my phone was stolen two weeks ago, I have talked to some people who sent a message to my WhatsApp number and they wanted to know why I hadn’t responded. The theft of my phone has certainly caused me to lose money.

But I have no protection against theft. They stole the phone from my hands. The police have not done anything. I don’t have enough money to replace the phone.

You could help me but don’t forget…

If you are considering helping me, don’t forget that I am an “arrogant, egotistical, self-centered, pathetic asshole.” And I am lazy and I don’t want to work. Why would I work when I can enjoy begging for a roll of toilet paper, be robbed at least 19 times, and be groped while I sleep?

Three years ago, my mother stopped sending me US$6 per week because she believed she was “enabling” me. I think she was trying to say that she felt she was supporting my lazy lifestyle and luxurious loneliness, and that was bad, so she stopped buying me “a cop of coffee each week” as she put it. I don’t think she meant that she was “enabling” a disabled person (me) to survive.

If you agree with my mother and you don’t want to enable me to receive, for free, an endless supply of penis-groping from men I don’t know, then you should not support my recovery by sending a small amount each week or month.


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I’m disabled & homeless.

I must earn money from advertisements.

Please whitelist my website and YouTube channel in your ad blocker or cookie blocker, such as Privacy Badger.

Thank you.