Reality web series concept

A reality web series about a homeless, destitute, multitalented American trying to recover from PTSD and depression from being disbarred through a possibly corrupt process, while living in Cairo in the aftermath of Egypt’s second revolution in four years.

Original video

  1. Webcam built-in to my laptop (raw examples using freeware)
  2. Video capture of my laptop desktop programs and work
  3. Pivothead camera glasses
  4. Sometimes, GoPro camera mounted on my chest or in my backpack
  5. A second GoPro camera for multiple angles

Supplemental materials

  1. Voice over
  2. Legal documents
  3. Still photographs from my Nikon D90 (examples of my work)
  4. Interviews
  5. Maps
  6. News coverage
  7. Stock photos and footage

Potential costs

  1. Pivothead camera and accessories (including prescription lenses)
  2. GoPro camera and accessories
  3. A wide-angle lens for Nikon D90 and some other accessories
  4. Faster internet connection in Cairo because upload speeds at hostels and hotels are very slow
  5. A laptop powerful enough to process the raw data
  6. Stock photos and footage, unless using sources such as Flickr for free items
  7. Titling and graphics
  8. “Writers” to create scripts from the raw materials
  9. Editors

Production process

  1. Raw footage provided by Hunter over the internet
  2. Writers view the materials and develop a script or scripts from the multiple possible storylines
  3. Hunter provides additional materials, such as voice overs, documents, and still photos, as needed for the story line
  4. Editors produce the episode


  1. YouTube through my established HunterHogan channel, which is connected in many ways to my other web properties and products, such as and Google AdSense
  2. New YouTube channel
  3. Vevo?
  4. Self-distribution on or another website


  1. Ads from web views
  2. Affiliate links
  3. Purchased by a TV production and distribution company to transition to the TV medium
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