Phone tripod, mic & light for YouTube, live streams & Tic Tok

You want the best tripod, microphone, and light for your phone so you can record videos or live stream. The best tripod, microphone, and light kit depends on your preferences. Each kit below has a tripod, microphone, and light, but they have different features. You can always browse Amazon’s subcategory of cell phone photo & video kits.

DigiPower Like ME #GoViral Vlogging Kit for Mobile Phone & Digital Cameras | with Microphone, 36 LED Light, Smartphone Grip, Tripod | Vlogging Equipment for Filming YouTube, Instagram & Tiktok Videos

The basic tripod, microphone, and light kit for your phone

This kit has a desktop tripod that you can convert to a handheld grip. It has a basic, shotgun microphone and an LED lamp.

Smartphone Video Rig Kit PULUZ Smartphone Video Grip with Microphone + Video Light + Cold Shoe Tripod Head + Mini Tripod for iPhone Samsung and Most Phones Within 7-inch Screen (Red)

The basics plus a two-handed grip

The major feature of this kit is the detachable two-handed rig. Also, the LED lamp uses AA batteries instead of a built-in rechargeable battery.

Do you want an extendable tripod?

This kit has the tallest tripod of the kits on this page. In addition to the microphone and lamp, it has a wireless remote.

llano Smartphone Video Kit, Smartphone Camera Video Microphone Kit with Light + Microphone + Tripod + Phone Holder, Starter Vlogging Kit for Filming YouTube Instagram & Tiktok Videos

This tripod is also a selfie stick

It has an LED lamp and shotgun microphone. The extendable tripod converts to an extendable selfie stick. The phone bracket connects to a 360-degree ball head for easy adjustments.

Mirfak Vlog Kit with Extension Pole,Micro Led Light,Microphone,Tripod for Live Stream &Selfie,Travel,Outdoor Sports,Family Times,Short Video Filming,Interview &Studio

A short tripod/long selfie stick, better microphone & better lamp

Mount your phone on the desktop tripod or the 70-cm extendable selfie stick. The microphone is held in a vibration isolating clamp and the lamp has six brightness levels.

USKEYVISION Smartphone Video Vlogging Kit/Video Microphone Light Kit/YouTube Equipment, with Extensible Stick, for iPhone 12/Pro/Max/Mini, and All Smartphones, for Video Recording (Vlog K3)

More versatile lighting and more versatile microphone

The desktop tripod has a short extender for added height. You can adjust the lamp from 1% to 100% brightness. The microphone has a removable wind screen, a headphone monitoring jack, and a shock mount.

DREAMGRIP Scout MOJO Modular Rig Kit 2020 with 3 Microphones, LED Light and All-in Accessories Set for PRO Video Production with Any Smartphone for Journalists, Vloggers, Youtubers, and Movie Makers

This kit has three microphones

You can convert the desktop tripod to a grip. It has an LED lamp and an adjustable attachment rail. In addition to the shotgun microphone, it has two lavalier microphones.

Movo Wireless Smartphone Video Kit V2+ with Tripod, Grip, Wireless Lavalier Microphone, LED Light and Remote - YouTube Equipment for iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 8, X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, Samsung Galaxy

Would you like to have a wireless microphone?

A wireless lavalier microphone can give you more consistent volume levels when the person is moving. The desktop tripod has an extension pole or can be used as a handheld grip. The phone rig has a level and a wrist strap.

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