I am not your guardian: you protect your privacy

Despite having thought about this for over two years, I only just realized that I have been foolishly trying to protect the privacy of other people, but their privacy has already been violated. I have tried to protect something that did not exist.

The ARDC invaded my privacy, in the extreme. When the government invaded my privacy so thoroughly, it also invaded the privacy of thousands of other people. I convinced myself that I was some sort of hero and that I was protecting their privacy: but the damage was already done. The government had already invaded their privacy and collected personal information about them. I was unable to prevent it.

Instead of being a hero, I was a fool for thinking that I could protect something that had already been violated. Instead of protecting other people, I instead prevented them from knowing that the government had illegally collected their personal information.

If I have the strength, I will change this problem. Most of the thousands of people who had their privacy illegally invaded by the government are oblivious to the intrusion. Maybe people will change their opinion of the government’s actions when people see the cavalier attitude the government had when it collected personal information about thousands of people.

It is not my job to protect your privacy. I was a fool for behaving as if it were my job: it helped destroy my life and health.

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