Here in Cairo, I learned a Spanish word and a French word

I found the willpower to go to the grocery store today. It is a little bit of a walk, but the prices are cheaper for most things and they have a much better selection. I even found pate, which I love, for a very low price. I decided against the pate with olives and got the plain pate.

Pate de atun

I haven’t had pate in years, so when I got back to my dorm, I eagerly opened and smelled the pate de atun. What the hell? It smells like cat food; it looks like cat food; the container even looks like cat food.

Then a faint voice from my past called out orders to the kitchen’s grill line at Pappadeaux Seafood Restaraunt. “…atun…” Wait a minute, I know that word. I looked more closely at the package. “Producido en Espana”: Made in Spain. No English; only Spanish, French, and Arabic. Tuna. I bought tuna pate. At least it tastes good, but it is not duck liver pate. Oh, well.

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