Peace is an action

I want to do something

I want to fight back. I want to stop terrorism and haters of America. I love America and I want to protect America. I want to do something.

Horrible people have attacked America many times in the last ten years and I want to get back at them. War is an easy choice. War is an action. War means I get to do something.

War is action

The action of war comes from the mindset of war. War is both an action and a state of being.

Some days, you choose actions of war. If someone attacks you, then you might fight back (you might also leave or get help).

Peace is action

And what about peace? Isn’t peace the excuse of the weak? Isn’t peace an attempt to justify idleness? Is peace passive? Is peace only a state of being? Does peace have any action? How can I act on peace?

Peace is an action. Peace is the action we choose most days. Do you ram people with your car? Do you hit your boss? Do you shoot your kids? Do you drop a bomb on the waiter?

Choose peace

Everyday, you choose peace over war. Ten times a day, you choose the action of peace over the action of war. One hundred times a day, you are peace in action.

Demand peace

"Governments are instituted among men…" means that governments should have the same basic morals as men. You use peaceful action everyday; demand that your government do the same.

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