America the Bully

I am lucky, proud, and happy to be an American. America is strong. America is fair. America is cool-headed. America is George Washington, Han Solo, and Martin Luther King. America is not afraid to fight.

My parents taught me American values. They taught me that life, love, and food taste better when earned, that anyone can be the president, and that courage is the path to success.

Courage is facing danger. It is a sit-in in a segregated dinner. It is fighting against Scud missiles full of chemical weapons. It is facing the school bully every lunch period.

But, the bully has no courage. He doesn’t face fear; he creates fear. The bully is the ultimate coward. The bully is afraid everyone else is better than he is. Where is the courage in being the bully? What American wants to be the bully? Is it American to create fear?

The Gulf War was a just war; Iraq invaded another country. Courage is stopping bullies when they attack. This war is not right. Yes, Iraq is a mean son-of-a-bitch. But, Iraq has not attacked another country in a long time.

If we attack Iraq right now, then we are America the Bully.

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