You are ashamed to be associated with me

Most people do not want their family to know they are friendly to me. They are ashamed of accusations against me—from nine years ago.

Most people treat me as if I were a criminal.

Many people do not trust me to make my own choices.

I have naively believed our culture’s lie that if I don’t do bad things, such as steal, and if I do good things, such as tell the truth and help other people, then people will be good to me.

The social contrast requires each of us to protect all of us from the bad actions of other people. I have been asked multiple times, robbed dozens of times, and sexually assaulted three times, but society refuses to protect me. But for nine years, I have abided by the social contract. As a result of my naivete and many bad actions by many people, I am at high risk of death from heart failure, starvation, and violence.

You broke the social contract. Shame on you.

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