[Video] Topics for everyone! (Use chapters) Self-surgery. Survivalists. You make some money. Soda-can stove.

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00:00 What the hell is spitballing?
00:25 Use the chapters
01:37 Life is all about skills
02:56 New microphone
03:37 New heating pad
04:32 New mini massager
04:49 New Amazon Wishlist
05:15 Mini massager (cont.)
05:50 New & cheap technology!
07:55 Mini massager (cont.)
08:16 I’m in a weird mood
08:51 Mini massager (cont.)
09:44 New headphones
10:06 Doing reviews of ANC headphones
12:46 I don’t like saying this out loud
13:21 I will give you a finder’s fee
17:22 A funny story about ANC headphones
21:42 Monster energy drink & Powerade
24:24 New Toothbrush, support & PayPal Pools
25:57 All of my expenditures in 2020
28:21 Preparing for 7 May Healthy Day
29:04 An air purifier
31:27 Sound absorbing panels
33:00 A less expensive hotel
34:56 Preppers & survivalists
35:34 My greatest accomplishment
36:26 Reaching out to the prepper community
37:36 Working with with the prepper community
39:41 Making beverage-can stoves in live chats
43:20 My upcoming self-surgeries
43:52 Internships, making money together & helping me
47:28 Audio out of sync
47:51 I’m confused about Patreon
51:03 Heart disease
52:30 My teeth are at a crisis point
56:20 The clock is ticking: my life is in danger
56:59 The trailer


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