Thank you for enjoying my suffering and supporting my suicidal thoughts

I’m in constant pain. I think about suicide every day. About 95% of the people who read about my suffering do not help me, but they faithfully read about my life. My inability to get medical care for my curable diseases is entertainment for you—it is a game to you.

Today is 6/02 in the year 1975 and I am 44 years old. Therefore, the best thing to do is to give me a bonus for “passing Go” in your game of entertainment.

Born on 6/02 in 1975, so I’m 44 years old.

This is great for my father, Dan Hogan, because if I suffer more, he receives more entertainment. And, this is great for you! My father, Dan Hogan, paid to extend the length of your entertainment! You should thank him.

If you want to pay for (instead of mooching, as if you were entitled to) your entertainment of reading about my suffering, watching videos about my curable diseases, and speculating whether I will kill myself or someone else will kill me, you can send me US $6.02. If you were to send me regular support, be warned, you might accidentally help me to recover and your entertainment would end. Choose wisely: 1) interactive, reality entertainment with huge consequences for the star of your entertainment or 2) helping a homeless man to heal and to have a productive life. If I were to heal, you would have to watch “reality TV,” and that is boring because no one is at risk of death, serious injury, or sexual assault.

Before I wrote this post, I had to convince myself to not go cut open my wrists in the shower.

A surgical blade and my scalpel

We can cure my illness and my poverty if you support my recovery.

But why would you do that? That requires more effort than clicking “Like” on Facebook. Even worse, other people might think you believe in Christian ideas. Even worse than that: you might need to feel empathy and to act with compassion. You are too busy and your life is too difficult to waste your precious energy and time—you came here so I would give you entertainment, not because you wanted to expend effort or help another human.

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I’m disabled & homeless.

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Thank you.