Sounding the alarm

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ArcGIS app-development knowledge? Android app developer? Both?! Epidemiologist? Actuary? Email me, please. Do you know someone who has any of those skills? Email them, please.

The US, Mexico, and other countries are at an inflection point: they will have tens of thousands of deaths or they will have millions of deaths. I am distraught that I can’t sound the alarm. Working together, we can warn more people and save some lives.

The 1918 Pandemic killed 50,000,000 people in two years while World War I killed less than one-third that amount over four years. Pandemics are still more powerful and deadly than humans. During war, you can surrender and you can negotiate. Viruses don’t take prisoners or sign peace treaties.

When I warned y’all that a minimum of 4.7 million people worldwide will certainly die from COVID-19, you downvoted my video. That was the best-case scenario. If I were to tell you how many people worldwide will probably die based on the current actions of world leaders, I don’t know how you would react, but I know you wouldn’t believe me.

Maybe you will believe this statement: the only people currently alive who have experienced an episode that can be compared to this pandemic are the Cambodians who lived through the apocalypse of Pol Pot. Everything else—The Holocaust, Hiroshima, The Soviet famine, the Chinese famine, everything—would be preferable to what COVID-19 will do to us if we don’t dramatically change.

I. Am. Distraught.

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