Optimism, day 10 of 21

Gratefulness for three things per day for twenty-one days.

Echoes of Ozymandias, Petra JordanI am grateful:

  1. that unlike most adults in the world, I am not lactose intolerant. Because most adults in China are lactose intolerant, cheese is not common. One of the only cheeses I could buy when I lived in Beijing was Dubliner. Fortunately for me, I love Dubliner cheese, I must have eaten 10 kilograms of it during the five months I lived in Beijing.
  2. for socks. My toes are almost always cold. More than once, my ankles have been so hot that they are sweating, but my toes were cold.
  3. This exercise is harder each day. I just looked around me to find something, and I started to write about my awesome backpack, but then I remembered that I already mentioned it.
  4. for poetry. e.e. cummings changed how I thought about writing and language. Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley is powerful. And Tennyson captured some of the most complex and incomprehensible emotions: the bravery and stupidity of war, and the inseparability of love and grief.

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