My general direction is good; emails, notifications & Twitter

Things are moving in the right direction. I can’t write a full post. I shouldn’t write a full post because I must keep moving.

I ask a few things of you.

  1. Go read my recent Twitter feed.
  2. If you use Twitter normally, add me to your notifications. (The bell icon.)
  3. If you don’t use Twitter normally, but you use Facebook normally, add my page to your notifications.
    1. In a previous post, I had pictures explaining how to do that in a desktop web browser.
    2. But those pictures don’t help with the mobile site or with the apps. A favor: if you know how to do this in an app, will you leave a comment explaining it to other people? I shouldn’t take the time to do it: I need to continue my progress.
    3. I want to temporarily have my tweets get posted on Facebook, but I shouldn’t stop to configure the tool. Will you volunteer to setup the tool? Email me.
  4. Sign-up: I store the email. My privacy policy. It will improve. At least read it because it’s one of my funnier writings. Seriously, it is.

I have some money. I have enough to make progress. I’ll explain more using microblogging on Twitter. I will need a little more help to undo eight years of damage. So, can you send something? Then I can spend less time being a piece of shit beggar, you know?

Here is a direct link to my PayPal.

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I’m disabled & homeless.

I must earn money from advertisements.

Please whitelist my website and YouTube channel in your ad blocker or cookie blocker, such as Privacy Badger.

Thank you.