Modafinil: a specific request for help with this medicine

A psychiatrist prescribed modafinil for me about four years ago, and modafinil has been the only medicine that has helped with my depression symptoms. It does affect my despair, but it helps me have enough will power to do things even though I feel that everything is hopeless.

In Mexico, a prescription is not required to buy modafinil. I can buy 28 tablets of 200 mg for about MXN$1150. There are many days that the only reason I am able to get anything done is because of the modafinil. I can feel when the effects start and I can feel when they stop helping, too. The maximum daily dosage is 300 mg. I take 100 mg in the morning and 100 mg in the afternoon, but I can always tell when the effects stop in the evening and I could use another 100 mg.

In my budget for living in a tent, I cannot afford to buy modafinil and I only have five days left of modafinil.

I am trying to eliminate nearly all costs from budget by living in a tent and learning to fish and hunt, but there is no substitute for modafinil. Please consider supporting my effort to survive, and possibly heal, by doing one of the following:

  1. Periodically, help me buy enough modafinil to take 300 mg per day: MXN$1150 every 19 days. (The dollar is strong right now, so that is US$77.34)
  2. Periodically, help me buy enough modafinil to take 200 mg per day: MXN$1150 every 28 days. (Currently US$77.34)
  3. Periodically, help me buy enough modafinil to take 100 mg per day: MXN$1150 every 56 days. (Currently US$77.34)
  4. Help me buy one package of modafinil.

To help illustrate how important this medicine is: today’s morning dose wore off about an hour ago and I was so overwhelmed with despair that I laid in bed and did nothing. I took another 100 mg, and then I was able to get up and write this and now I am productive again.

There are a few ways you can help me purchase this exceptionally important medicine: see the options.

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