It’s to your exact specifications!

My friend said she wanted to support my healing in a specific way, so after our conversation, I made the new donation button, below. Dear friend, It’s to your exact specifications!

Sally Struthers recommended 70¢ per day: about the cost of a small cup of coffee

In 1987, Sally Struthers told us that for about the cost of a small cup of coffee, 70¢ per day, the good it can do is worth more than you can imagine.

  1. 70¢ in 1987 is $1.54 in 2018.*
  2. $1.54 a day is $10.78 weekly.
  3. For just $10.78 weekly, you can help feed a [non]child, like Hunter, nourishing meals.

Sally says share a little of your pocket change

Reach out to become a special friend for about the cost of:**



* Source (on 29 May 2018)

** Source (on 29 May 2018) for costs of “2 liters of Coca-Cola” and “Basic dinner out for two in neighborhood pub”. On 22 February 2014, I used the same source for “Combo meal in fast food restaurant (Big Mac Meal or similar),” and it said US$6, not US$7 as it says now.

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