I’m ashamed to show you this, but …

A closer view of my teeth

My teeth hurt my mouth and affect my diet

I want to improve my teeth’s functionality. My teeth always cause me pain because many of them are extremely sharp, and when I eat, I often cut or scrape the inside of my mouth. I am missing many teeth, so I cannot eat some foods.

My teeth make it more difficult for me to recover

People have an instinctual, disgust response

I want to improve my teeth’s appearance. When people see my teeth, their natural, appropriate, automatic, and involuntary reaction is disgust. Everyone is very polite, however, and they suppress their reaction. 

This video is about a different topic, but it is short. From 2:26 to 2:35, the video explains why people automatically feel disgusted by my teeth. She says, “Our brains are hard-wired to dislike seeing … an indication of disease or injury, and our brain sees this as a threat.”

People try to hide their disgust

Even after they know about my teeth, they inevitably look at my teeth from time-to-time, and the disgusting appearance of my teeth triggers their emotional instinct to avoid any body part that appears unhealthy. Nevertheless, people do not want to be rude, so people don’t talk about my teeth (with at least one exception).

But I can read microexpressions

I have spent decades, however, learning to read microexpressions. So despite suppressing their instinctual disgust reaction that their brain forces them to have, I am easily able to read their microexpressions of disgust or contempt.

The barrage of unanimous disgust or contempt causes me anguish. Sometimes, I stay away from all people because I don’t want to see the microexpressions of disgust or contempt. Just as you value the opinion and approval of some people more than you value the opinion of most people, the disgust reaction of some people has a greater impact on me than the reaction of most people. Sometimes, I can handle the disgust of most people, but I would be devastated if I were to see disgust in the face of a person whose opinion I value more than other opinions. When that happens, I stay away from the person that I actually want to spend time with.

Because of my teeth, people have a lower opinion of me and I am excluded from some parts of society

My horrible teeth reduce people’s perception of my intelligence and other characteristics, and my teeth make it harder for society to accept me or help me. A study “proves that even the alignment of teeth is a catalyst for assumptions regarding success, popularity, intelligence, and general health.” And this scientific paper explains that people with poor dental appearance are immediately believed to have less “likeability, friendliness, happiness, modesty, intelligence, [] general life success, … reliability, cleanliness, [and] sociability.” The study then explains that this affects many important parts of life, including increased social exclusion, less ability to get shelter, “and perversely, disinclination by health professionals to provide treatment.”

The benefits of improving my dental health

Improving my dental health would improve my diet, reduce pain in my mouth, reduce my anguish, improve my status in society, increase the quantity of my interactions with people, increase the quality of my relationships, and increase the support I receive.

And maybe people would once again describe me as having a big smile on my face.

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