I must buy a smartphone

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I must buy a new smartphone

😓 My main smartphone has problems with the touchscreen, which have been getting worse. My old smartphone is severely damaged, including a damaged screen, but the touchscreen works—except where the screen is cracked or entirely missing. But five minutes ago, the three navigation buttons stopped working: Back, Home, Recent apps. ☠️ As far as I know, the phone is effectively unusable now.

This is very distressing. I don’t have a computer and my main phone is dying. In my life, my smartphone is a medical device because of the ways I use it to manage my medicines and symptoms. And it serves other essential functions, including maps, translations, communication, price comparisons to save money, … a lot of things.

I’ve done some research for a replacement phone, but I don’t have enough healthy hours in each day to handle all of the issues that come up. If you want, you can discuss this on Discord. Look for the pinned messages in the Wishlist channel.

In the past, Telcel has had the best combination of features for me, including at least one phone at a good price. If there are ways to buy phones in Mexico for a cheaper price, I don’t know about them. If you know about them, please teach me.

All of Telcel’s phones are on their website (I think). But sorting through the phones on my phone is almost impossible. Especially because I don’t have redundancy anymore, the following phone is my current top choice and I’ll buy it soon if I can’t find a better option.

(I guess I’ll buy it. If I don’t have a phone, my symptoms will spiral out of control. But if I buy it, I will immediately have trouble paying to sleep inside. If I’m sleeping outside, then my personal safety is at risk, and the security of my possessions, including my phone, is at risk. I’ve been robbed 25 times, including being robbed of two laptops, one Amazon Kindle, and one phone—all on different occasions. I recovered the Kindle. Two other times, I thwarted someone trying to steal my phone while I slept, and I stopped someone from stealing my backpack with my computer in it. Yet another time, a cop stole my Kindle, but I recorded him with a tablet, told him he is a bad person and a bad Christian, and made it easy for him to put the Kindle on my backpack when I wasn’t looking (or recording) so he didn’t have to admit anything. The Kindle magically appeared on my backpack. Holy fuck: that list of robberies and attempted robberies is surprising even to me.)

The top choice right now is the 64gb version of my 32gb main phone. I owned smartphones prior to the 2007 Apple smartphone, which is the beginning of the current style of smartphones, but because of the timing of my poverty, I’ve only owned the following contemporary smartphones, all in Mexico, all from Telcel. ZTE Blade v9 Vita (stolen). ZTE Blade v9 Vita (the severely damaged phone that now seems to be unusable). ZTE Blade v10 Vita 32gb (dying).

The price for the ZTE Blade v10 Vita 64gb is about $150. (US$1≈MXN$20.)

Will you help me search the other phones at Telcel? I want to know if there’s a better option or if this is my best option.

You can contact me three different ways.

  1. Best: Discord. (especially because you can potentially talk with other people about this).
  2. Pretty good: the comments on the original post on the Community tab of my YouTube channel. (Pro: public discussion. Con: I don’t always get notifications.)
  3. Email me.

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