I might help you meet your future husband: just date me

Of the women I have dated, at least the following have married the next man they dated.

  1. Wendy: married man six-weeks after our break-up
  2. ???: I am confident I am forgetting someone, and this is a person I dated more than 15 years ago, so I get a pass
  3. Kristi: engaged six-weeks after our break-up
  4. Veronika: married next relationship (but this is a complicated story)
  5. Hesper: married next relationship (this might not technically count, but it was at most the second relationship after we dated)
  6. Justine: married next relationship (yes, that Justine, and, well, we could say it is complicated or maybe unusual)
  7. Lauren: “married” next relationship (of course, that one is complicated)
  8. Roxanne: married next relationship
  9. Amanda: briefly dated, a short time later she was married, so this might not count

When the list only included four women, I told a friend of mine about this craziness, and she asked to date me. We did not date, but she is happily married now.

If you know of someone else I dated and married the next man she had a relationship with, please email me.

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