I hope my father, Dan Hogan, has a financial incentive for my death (part 2)

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Transcript of “I hope my father, Dan Hogan, has a financial incentive for my death”

He [Dan Hogan] had to make his first payment on a loan he co-signed about seven years ago. My wish is that six years ago or slightly longer than six years ago, he looked at his finances and he saw that he [Dan Hogan] would be paying $100,000 until he was 85 years old. And I wish that he [Dan Hogan] looked at my life and saw that I had run out of money, that my career was dead because my law license was revoked, that my reputation was destroyed, that I had lost most of my friends, I had lost most of the things that I owned, that I had no support from my family, that I had no support from my government, and that my health was declining unusually rapidly. And my wish is that my father[, Dan Hogan,] had gone through a decision-making process that was evidence-based, thorough, deliberate, and rational, and then decided that his best option was to buy millions of dollars of insurance.

Then it would be easier for you and I to understand his [Dan Hogan’s] behavior in the last six years. I owned a car and he broke the law so that he [Dan Hogan] could take possession of the car. And please remember that I was a prosecutor: I know how to evaluate if an action is a crime or not. He [Dan Hogan] also impersonated me so that he could get access to my financial information. He [Dan Hogan] had my mail sent to his house. All of those are crimes: mail fraud, identity theft. And I could understand… I would have a better understanding of those actions if he [Dan Hogan] had a life insurance policy worth millions of dollars and that was his long-term goal. It would make more sense.

And when bad things happened to me that he [Dan Hogan] didn’t do, like I’ve been robbed at least 15 times. Each one of those robberies was a chance for him to recognize that I needed more help than I was getting and for him [Dan Hogan] to change his behavior. But he didn’t. But if he had a multi-million dollar life insurance policy then his [Dan Hogan’s] inaction makes sense.

And when I was sleeping on the streets in Guadalajara and I was sexually assaulted… That’s why I wish that he [Dan Hogan] does have a multi-million dollar life insurance policy because that would be some reason for him to not help me.

And I just described about 20 examples, but there’s a lot more than 20, and it would be much easier for me to understand him [Dan Hogan] not helping me if he had a pot of gold waiting at the end.

But he did not buy life insurance that would pay for his liability on the loans he [Dan Hogan] co-signed when I died because that type of financial structure is called a hedge and if he were going to hedge his potential liability on the loans that he co-signed: 1) he would have done it much earlier: he would have done it while I was still in law school, and 2) he would have used multiple kinds of hedges and those hedges would have been much much better than the hypothetical situation I described. And so if he [Dan Hogan] had had the foresight and financial savvy to hedge his liability, he would have done it much sooner, so I don’t believe that he bought millions of dollars of life insurance that will pay out when I die.

I have been trying to identify why would my father[, Dan Hogan,] help me.

I’m not going to discuss some other plausible reasons, and let me tell you what they are. I’m not going to discuss kin selection. I’m not going to discuss any form of a social contract. Third, I’m not going to discuss reciprocity. Fourth, I’m not going to discuss cultural norms. And finally, I’m not going to discuss “love.”

And the reason is because all of those ideas, while plausible, require us to assume something. They require us to assume that in this situation, Dan Hogan will be altruistic or pro-social and it it’s not valid to make that assumption.

It is acceptable to assume that a person will act in their own self-interest. So the first three possible reasons why he would help me were: that we have a family relationship, but that is irrelevant. We also looked at his [Dan Hogan’s] words and saw that they were false, so they tell us nothing. But acting in his [Dan Hogan’s] own self-interest he has $100,000 of motivation to help me.

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