Deathwatch 2017: a few, brief updates

Some recent events

  1. In this post, I assume you have read 2016 started with great hope; 2017 starts with a deathwatch.
  2. I edited the previous post for clarity.
  3. DHL returned my package to the US.
  4. We are now attempting to deliver the package via USPS and Correos de México.
  5. Old shorts ruined. Bought new shorts.
  6. I have been sleeping in a hotel: safe, quiet, and more than I can afford.
  7. There were multiple times that I almost received additional help from new people, but the misinformation and character assassination about events from seven years ago, but that are still on the internet, caused people to not help me.
  8. My physical health continues to decline. If I had the money and the facilities to eat a proper diet, my health would be better.
  9. I am trying to get the strength to go to a different town for lower costs, more safety, and new options.


  1. Medicine: MXN$85.59 per day. If the exchange rate is MXN$20 for US$1, then my medicine costs US$4.28 per day.
  2. Cash: MX$212 in my pocket; PayPal: US$147.62, £48.00, SG$14.28; approximately US$56 weekly from friends.
  3. Hotel: I owe MXN$1600 (~US$80).

Some ways you can help

  1. A significant lump-sum cash gift.
  2. Consistent, smaller gifts as little as US$2 per week.
  3. A one-time gift.
  4. Encourage other people to help me.
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