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Fox Tactical Advanced Mountaineering Pack

On 1 November 2015 in Oaxaca, Mexico, my backpack with everything I own, was stolen. The only things I have left are the clothes I was wearing and the things that were in my pockets.

Grandma and Grandpa are still in love

My wonderful grandmother died in August 2015, and her last gift to me was an US$3500 inheritance, which gave me a huge boost towards getting my life back together. I spent that money to build a life that had low day-to-day expenses: a good hiking backpack, camping equipment, cooking equipment, hunting gear to save money on food, and other things that allowed me to spend as little money as possible to survive. All of it was stolen except the clothes I was wearing and the things in my pockets. The police report is below; the details are in Spanish and some of the items are described in Spanish, but almost 100 of the items are listed in English.

I do not have enough money to replace the stolen items because I have less than US$900 for lodging, food, and medicine (and my medicine costs over US$40 per week). So that I can again be self-sufficient, my goal is to raise US$3500 to replace my grandmother’s inheritance. If you can, please donate a small amount using the buttons below. Whether or not you can donate, please share this page with other people because they might help me to get back on my feet. Thank you!

As of 2:35 p.m. (Mexico City) 19 November 2015, US$256.00 raised. Thank you!

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