Ru-ndụ carbon-asa na umu anwuru mmanye

We probably have the technology to create a new life form that uses photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide to a hydrocarbon that humans can use for energy. I also propose a method for deploying the technology.

Life form

  1. Inputs
    1. Light
    2. Water (preferably salt water)
    3. Carbon dioxide
  2. Output
    1. Growth of the plant/life form
    2. Sugar
    3. Oxygen
    4. Hydrocarbon
      1. Possible forms
        1. Fruit
        2. Gaseous emission
        3. Intracellular (requiring harvesting)
        4. Liquid emission

How to implement

  1. Develop the life form
  2. Patent it
  3. Sell the patent to the world
  4. Countries pay for past emissions
    1. Proportional to their past emissions
      1. Emissions are calculated based on where the produced good was consumed, so items manufactured in one country for use
        in a second country count against the second country
    2. Enough to remove all of the current excess carbon dioxide
  5. Countries pay for future emissions
    1. Proportional to their population
    2. If they exceed their limit, they must pay someone to be a carbon sink
    3. If they don’t pay someone, then the international organization takes bids from vendors to be a carbon sink
    4. They buy the services and then fine the offending country
    5. Need a dispute resolution process
      1. Dispute a significant difference in the amount of exceeded emissions of any country
      2. Dispute a significant difference in the estimation of the current carbon dioxide level
      3. Moving party bears the cost unless they win
    6. Mechanism for collecting fines
      1. The international body can enter judgments in all other participant countries and that country must collect the
      2. Penalty for having to collect fines through other countries
    7. If a country comes in under its limit, it can sell the unused emissions to the highest bidder
  6. Grow the life form
    1. In current deserts that are near salt water, especially in Africa, the Middle East, Southwest Asia, Mexico, Baja
      California, and Australia
    2. In the ocean
  7. Use most of the energy to replace fossil fuels
  8. Sink some of the carbon by burying the life form
    1. In old fossil fuel locations (mines and wells)
    2. In the ocean
    3. Dump it in the desert farther from the water (this could spawn new ecosystems)
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