WordPress plug-ins: general needs and ideas

  1. Server management
    1. File manager for the entire server
      1. Similar to the GoDaddy File Manager
      2. Add from server plug-in is able to navigate directories
    2. Security/permissions management that is similar to how operating systems manage users and groups
      1. Also, integration (bi-directional) with the both the OS security of the web server security
    3. List of modules activated on your Apache server. What directives are/are not available
    4. Blocking site rippers. See http://perishablepress.com/stupid-htaccess-tricks/#sec9
  2. Comprehensive management of statistics
    1. Track what pages users view
    2. Server logs
    3. Google Analytics and similar services
    4. AddThis and social network statistics
    5. Sumall attempts this but fails
    6. Read server logs
      1. Look for 404 errors
      2. Automatically add to .htaccess and/or robots.txt to redirect, block, or whatever is necessary
      3. Send purge cache requests to Google Webmaster Tools and other search engines
      4. Some tools do things like this, but they suck
  3. Improve the editor
    1. In the editor, dramatically improved HTML tools
    2. Customize classes for elements, especially when inserting media
      1. Ability to select style classes for elements
      2. Ability to have default style classes for elements
    3. HTML encoder button, not merely filters and auto-encoding
      1. Encoding entities
      2. Emoji crap
    4. When making a new post, ability to have required fields, such as require a manual Excerpt
  4. Tools for changing multiple posts at the same time, e.g. disabling trackbacks on all posts
  5. SQL query constructor similar to the GUI in MS Access
  6. Advertising
    1. Integrate DoubleClick for Publishers
    2. Give free ad space to plug-in developers as a way to “pay” them
      1. Create a standard hook system
      2. Plug-in developers can provide a list of ad types and sizes
      3. Within the advertising plug-in and within the plug-in you want to promote, it should be easy to manage the ads you want to promote
    3. A tool for reporting Google ads that suck–it would grab the necessary information for the webmaster to view the ad and potentially ban it
  7. Need an email subscription service that is better than Jetpack: not enough options for formatting the email or managing the list.
  8. Privacy
    1. Make WordPress an Onion service
    2. Torify outbound connections from WordPress
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