Answers to questions and replies to comments (beta)

Until now, I’ve only had one way to handle a problematic comment: delete the comment. Actually, I have a second method: I can disable comments. Here on my website, I disabled all comments on all pages many years ago. On YouTube, however, I’ve not disabled comments. I have tried some other ways of handling problematic comments, but the only thing that has worked is deletion. Perhaps this new system will work on some or all of the wide variety of problematic comments.

Wisio is an online service that allows a person to ask a question directly of “content creators” and “influencers,” for a fee. I am not on Wisio yet, but I am telling you about that service because it is an example of the many kinds of services for which people pay a fee to have their question answered. Many professions are partially or entirely based on this concept, including: doctors, lawyers, fitness trainers, dieticians, accountants, and real-estate inspectors.

Starting immediately, I might require a fee for my answer to a question or my reply to a comment. I shall set the fee for each question/comment based on multiple factors.

If the question or comment is in a public forum, such as a comment on my YouTube channel, and the questioner/commenter chooses not to pay the fee, I might remove the question or comment from public view.

Until I implement other options, transfer the funds via PayPal. (If you must use a different service, contact me with your proposed alternative.) If the question or comment is in a public forum, after the transaction is complete, reply to my comment—using the same account as the original question or comment—with the transaction number. That will help us avoid confusion and delays.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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