Dan Hogan sets a new record; in one email: selective hearing, confirmation bias, hypocritical accusations, and more!

From: Dan Hogan [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Sunday, November 23, 2014 4:01 PM
To: Hunter Hogan
Subject: RE: your open letter

A person who knows you wrote me a very caring note yesterday about how they’ve tried to help you and how you have refused.

They wrote, His emotions are raw…..he lashes out when he’s triggered and it doesn’t help because he believes he has a firmer grip on realities …than anyone else while….failing to recognize that he has lost sight of the …boundaries we all take for granted.

Yes, your emotions are raw. Yes, you are in severe pain. Your lashing out at me doesn’t hurt nor does it drive me away. It actually strengthens my desire to support you in getting the loving help you need.

Yes, I am consistent and the offer of providing you a residential treatment program that will give you shelter, food, medication and time to sort your life out, still stands. Please accept it.

And please stop punishing yourself for the past.

Dan Hogan, CMF, CPF
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Dan Hogan
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