Dan Hogan, leave me alone

I have clearly stated on multiple occasions that I do not want you in my life. I will continue to post all of the things you are doing to me that are contrary to the lessons you teach people in your business.

If you are wise, you will look at the major search engines and search for things like, “Dan Hogan Lord and Hogan LLC”. The only thing I have done is to expose your maltreatment of me and my sister, but the search engines have already indexed your bad actions. I discovered this because multiple people have visited my website based on search terms such as the one above.

I will post all of the means things you do to me. Unless you want your clients reading about how you do not respect boundaries, you are a horrible communicator, and you abuse your power, then you should leave me alone.

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I’m disabled & homeless.

I must earn money from advertisements.

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Thank you.