The power of Pokemon

WordPress is a free computer program that helps people make and manage websites. I use it to publish most of my websites and 23% of all websites use WordPress–from small sites like mine to large companies.

One of the best features of WordPress is that we can install optional components called plugins that can do things such as spell check your website or make it harder for people to hack your website. There are 34,000 free plugins on, thousands more paid plugins, and am uncountable number of free plugins not listed

Consider this plugin, however:
Pokemon plugin

Someone blogs about Pokemon enough that he/she wanted a plugin to automatically correct the “e” in Pokemon, so he/she wrote the plugin and shared it with other bloggers. But even more amazing is that 264 other bloggers found the plugin and installed it. That must mean there are thousands of people blogging about Pokemon–and most of them are using the wrong “e”.

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