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I am new to wordpress

I need my categories as subdomains i,e. to

I have tried using wp-subdomains , subdomains, main category subdomains plugins but i have a problem , when accessing my site home page all icons (theme icons) are displaying perfectly, but when i access the images that i have included in post are displaying perfectly, but theme icons(fb icon…..,etc)are not displaying…

any help is greatly appreciated

My site:


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Some of your resources are not loading properly, even on your main domain.

Using Google Chrome, load your main page, open the Elements Panel by hitting the F12 key. In the panel that opens, look in the upper right corner. There will be a red X with a number next to it. That shows you how many errors you have. Click on the X and it will open a pane that will tell you the nature of the errors.

If you do the same thing on the subdomain, you will notice you have more errors. If you resolve the errors on your main domain, you will probably find the reason for the other errors.

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