One reason I want to make art

Jonathan Klein is the CEO of Getty Images. Below is a short TED talk about the power of photography.

At approximately 2:31 in the video, a woman is holding a copy of a famous photograph in her hand. When I was in Athens, Greece in January, 2008, I took some photos of graffiti on a random wall in the city. Notice that the image of the Abu Ghraib torture is powerful enough to affect people all over the world–from the Middle East to the United States to Athens, Greece.

The final image in the video is of Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela

I want to make photographic art because I feel that I have many things to say. I do not feel that I yet have made any pieces that are truly art, but I firmly believe that I have the potential. I do not want to only speak about the horrors of life–I want to make art that helps people to more easily see the beauty in others and the amazing things in the world around us.

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