[Video] Sharing my feelings. (Experimental & auto edited.) Vlog

I didn’t edit this video because it’s very difficult to edit long videos on my phone. Instead, I used an app to automatically remove the silence from the recording. The app is not perfect. The audio is out of sync for the last eight minutes of the video.



00:00 How I am feeling
00:19 Physically, I feel pretty good
01:54 Emotionally, I don’t feel good
02:46 Not eloghent; I mean eloquent
04:24 I don’t talk to people
06:35 My excellent theatre teacher
07:35 My teaching experience
10:18 I’m conflicted about discussing me feelings
12:56 Feelings about crises
14:07 Depression vs extreme sadness
15:56 I hate my life
18:41 How to want a better life & like your current life
22:34 I hate my life (cont.)
28:19 Clothes & guilt
30:57 Bathing & guilt
36:27 Eating
39:23 I don’t contribute to society
40:52 But if I AM contributing…
41:40 I want to contribute to society
45:24 (Audio out of sync)
45:57 I contributed as a prosecutor
49:14 I made many sacrifices over many years
51:22 How I can contribute again

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