[Email] New city

Hi guys,

This email is for the few people to whom I have told more than what I talk about on my website. It’s not a “mass” email, though.

Austin was good for me. I didn’t realize that I needed that six or seven weeks to recover from my recent misadventures. As of yesterday, I am in a new city. This is my first time here, but I am 99% sure that I will love it here. I had a very strange feeling as I arrived: it felt like home. That is strange because I have rarely felt that a city was home, and when I have felt that, the feeling was temporary. When I was in Austin recently, for example, I didn’t feel like I was at home even though I lived there for seven years.

This city has a low cost of living, as long as I can stay mentally healthy, I will be able to earn some money, and I think I will be able to better access to health care once I figure things out and have some more cash.

Overall, things are much better than they have been for many months. Thank you for helping me.


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