[Video] Self-surgery 3: Finishing the mole. Coming Soon.

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Preview my next self-surgery video. The self-surgery hurt. I must make this video so that I don’t die. I try to accept the pain. YouTube. Facebook. Amazon. Twitter. These huge companies. I can’t get healthy unless they get their cut. Why?! Eleven years because people don’t want to be pro-social. This will be my third attempt to remove this mole. All of this preparation may seem like overkill for this little mole. And, it is! Why am I doing it? This is analogous to a dress rehearsal for self-surgery on my tumor: a probable lipoma. Do you want to miss the new video? Subscribe to the channel. Follow me on Twitter. Watch my other self-surgery videos. Watch censored videos on YouTube. Watch uncensored videos on HunterThinks.com. I make my videos on a broken phone. I also need a tripod, cables, and a computer. My Amazon Wishlist link is in the description. Why self-surgery? A demonstration. A protest. The US needs universal healthcare. I need money for medical care. What about YouTube ad revenue? There isn’t any. YouTube won’t allow ads on self-surgery videos. I’ve been homeless since August 2011. I need medicine, not broken promises or useless government programs. I need 31 days of rent support. I have 9 days of rent support. Rent support link in the description. Let’s end my homelessness, cure my disability, and return me to self-sufficiency. Medicine costs $273.75 per month. Thank you for recurring donations. Thank you for helping with your actions. Be pro-social.

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