Reversal of fortune: I’m working with a doctor!

After two months of pursuing a lead, I talked to a doctor last night who researches 5HT2A. With every other doctor, I had to explain tons of science, but he instantly knew what I was talking about. Like me, he has never heard of this problem happening to someone. Now, he wants to investigate two possibilities. First, he wants to look for inflammation. This is a hot area of research, but I never had time to learn it, so I’m happy he knows how we can test it. Second, he wants to investigate exactly what I had hypothesized: a low density of 5HT2A receptors.

Of course, I listened more than I explained, and he taught me things. Surprisingly, I taught him at least one useful thing! A few times, he said something to the effect of, “I’ll just look up that value.” But because I have read as much of the scientific literature as my life has permitted, I had some of those answers at hand.

All of the elements of my plan are in his plan, but he has of course improved it. Similarly, his knowledge is broader and deeper than my knowledge, but shockingly, we have not yet found something about which I am simply wrong. (I’m sure it will happen, eventually.)

To summarize some aspects of our conversation: he validated that I understand the knowledge I have studied, he legitimized my hypothesis, and, most important to me, he absolutely worked with me as a collaborator, not as a test subject.

What’s next?

He and I will confirm some research and—do more science and medical stuff. I need to share with him all of the research I have done, but my laptop screen is broken. I need a laptop, even just a low-end laptop, 1) so I can give him my existing research and 2) so I can work on the additional research we must do.

As part of the treatment plan, he will give me a medicine to test whether inflammation is a factor. Before I can take the medicine, I must “washout” the medicines I am currently taking. This has good parts and difficult parts. The cost of medicine will go down, which is good, because I won’t be taking coping medicines during the evaluation. Without coping medicines, however, the symptoms will come roaring back, which is a terrible experience. I’ve posted many things about symptoms, and I have posted many videos during April 2019, including this severe episode that lasted six hours. If a medicine heals me or at least helps to diagnose me, I will embrace the suffering.

While the medicines washout of my body, and while I am taking the new medicine, I will of course need shelter and food. I don’t need a professional nurse, but I do need help with shopping and cooking.

Will I be next to a dumpster or guided by a doctor?

A doctor validated a lot of my knowledge, so I will do the treatment plan. I certainly have enough resilience to live next to a dumpster and take the healing medicine—if necessary. But, you can ensure I safely take medicine under the care of a doctor.

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