What medicine do I need?

All of the following have been prescribed or recommended by a doctor, and all of the prescriptions have been prescribed by a specialist, such as a gastroenterologist.

  1. Venlafaxine 75mg, 2 x day, for anxiety disorder, നിര്ബാധം, ഭീതിയോടും ഡിസോർഡർ
  2. സൌഹൃതങ്ങള്, prescriptions have ranged from 100mg 1 x day to 3 x day, depending on my need, for depression
  3. Diazepam 5mg, 3 x day, as needed അഥവാ lorazepam 1 mg, 3 x day, as needed, for anxiety disorder, നിര്ബാധം, ഭീതിയോടും ഡിസോർഡർ
  4. Alprazolam 2mg 1 x day, as needed, for anxiety disorder with a profound sadness symptom
  5. Omeprezole 20mg, 1 x day, for IBS and GERD
  6. രനിതിദിനെ, for IBS and GERD
  7. ആന്റി-അതിസാരം, for IBS
  8. Acetaminophen (paracetamol), for pain
  9. ലൊരതദിനെ, for allergies and to reduce the effects of asthma

Supplements (I have not had the opportunity to discuss these with a doctor):

  1. വിറ്റാമിൻ ബി കോംപ്ലക്സ്
  2. DHEA: I have not tried it yet, but medical research shows that it is effective for treating many of the symptoms I have

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