A plan that is not a plan

Yin, yang

Based on recent experiences, it is plausible that I could reduce my stress in the next 45 ụbọchị–ma m naanị 10 days of money left.


The six things I could never do without


My answer to the essay promptThe six things I could never do withouthas changed over the last four years. One of the few benefits to the extreme changes in my life is that I have significant evidence that my most recent answer is accurate.


My family relationships


An attempted to summarize my relationships with my mother, brother, and father in 2012, as understood by me in 2012.


My total loss of hope

Tibetan child

One of my first attempts to explain why I lost all of my hope by March 2012not most of my hope: all of my hope.


Enwere m ọlụsị & enweghị ebe obibi.

Aga m enwerịrị ego site na mgbasa ozi.

Biko whitelist ebe nrụọrụ weebụ m na ọwa YouTube na mgbasa ozi mgbasa ozi gị ma ọ bụ kuki kuki, dị ka Nzuzo Nzuzo.