Matar a todos los terroristas

Los terroristas mataron al menos a 20 gente in Saudi Arabia. El presidente Bush dijo, “Los Estados Unidos se encontrará a los asesinos y van a aprender el significado de la justicia estadounidense.” Debemos matar a más terroristas. Si somos capaces de matar a todos los terroristas, entonces no van a ser capaces de matar las más estadounidenses.

We killed or captured 27,000 terrorists in Afghanistan and only killed 1,300 civilians.

I do not think we got any terrorists in Iraq, but we only killed 3,700 civilians.

How many terrorists are left?

Our highly successful invasion of Afghanistan probably killed or captured 50% of all of the terrorists there. That would mean that in a country of 27 million, there were about 54,000 terrorists. That is about 0.2% of the population.

The combined population of Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen is 237 million. That leaves only about 474,000 more terrorists to kill or capture.

How many new terrorists?

How many new terrorists will join the ranks while we kill the current 474,000 terrorists? It will not be many. For every innocent civilian we kill, only one new person becomes a terrorist (a brother, an uncle, or a best friend that fails to see that we are liberating them).

To kill or capture about 27,000 terrorists we have only killed 5,000 civilians.

If we kill or capture the 474,000 terrorists, then we will probably kill about 87,000 more civilians, which creates 87,000 new terrorists. To kill or capture those 87,000 new terrorists, we will kill about 16,000 civilians.

I do not think that killing those last 16,000 civilians will create any new terrorists. By then, all of the Arabs will understand that we are liberating them and then will not try to use violence to stop our violence against the terrorists.

Friends don’t let friends

I think we can kill or capture all 561,000 current and future terrorists. In the process, we will only kill 103,000 more civilians. None of those 103,000 civilians will be American. If those civilians do not want us to kill them, then they should figure out how to keep their friends from being terrorists. After all, “Friends don’t let friends become terrorists.


2 Octubre 2003: Desafortunadamente, some people thought that this was a serious argument for violence.

  • I do not think we were successful in Afghanistan. We killed a lot of people and did not help a quality government to establish itself.
  • Killing people leads to terrorism. The cycle never ends.
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